I'm a believer in the power of branding: people don't just buy things; they buy-into an experience. A passion. A feeling. A memory. How an experience with a brand touches them--that's what they buy into. It's not about the stuff--it's about the real, visceral, human experience and how that brand makes them feel. That's how people make decisions. It doesn't always make sense and can't always be explained--it's feeling that drives our actions.

This is true with life, generally—we are impacted by the people, environments, and life all around us. Every small part of our experiences, every person we meet, every nuance of color and light added into our collective memory, adds up to the way we see the world and what we accomplish with that knowledge. I strive to use this not only to create, but also to influence the way that I connect with and lead others—by harnessing that collective experience, I hope to create things that are bigger than myself and find solutions where none were thought to exist. 

It’s simple. It's honest. It defies being boxed in.


  • Band Scholarship at the University of North Alabama
  • Founding Father of Theta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity at the University of Alabama
  • 24% year on year growth of POWERADE sales in regional territory
  • Garnered partnerships with Nike Big Peach Jam, ESPN 7on7, Under Armour Best of the Best, and multiple professional and amateur athletes
  • Academic Achievement Award, Art Institute of Atlanta
  • Guest Speaker and Professional Student Resource, AiA
  • Helped grow Mölnlycke Health Care account 34% over 3 years
  • Creative solutions for national and international clientele on a
    day-to-day basis, resulting in $3-5 million in revenue
  • Helped generate new business strategies and branding for RHC